Basler & Hofmann takes over Arch’lab Architects in Singapore

At the end of 2015, Basler & Hofmann AG acquired the architecture firm Arch’lab Architects in Singapore. Arch’lab specialises in renovation, conversion and construction work in the healthcare sector – a growth area in Singapore. With the addition of the biosafety team from Basler & Hofmann Pte. Ltd., the company will be renamed Arch’lab Pte. Ltd. during the course of 2016. Basler & Hofmann Pte. Ltd. will continue to operate as an autonomous company.

Arch’lab Architects has a strong reputation in Singapore for hospital and laboratory planning. Its project portfolio consists of health centres, laboratories, hospital conversions and new types of living accommodation for the elderly. The biosafety team from Basler & Hofmann Singapore complements the company’s existing expertise with its own valuable, specialist know-how. This team of 11 people is in a very strong position to serve the growing Singaporean health care market. Collaboration with the Basler & Hofmann parent company, such as in real estate strategy development, will also create opportunities. The new subsidiary is to be managed by Arch’lab Architects’ founder and current managing director, Cheng Teng Choy.

The Basler & Hofmann Pte. Ltd. subsidiary will focus on the construction technology business sector where the team will offer consulting services in the fields of business development and engineering services.