8-lane expansion of N01 Wankdorf – Schönbühl

Project overview

Between the Wankdorf and the Schönbühl interchanges, the N01 will be expanded from six lanes to eight. In addition, the N06 will be widened from four lanes to six from the Schönbühl interchange to the Schönbühl junction. This widening means that in addition to the track there will also be various new overpasses, retaining walls and noise barriers. A road run-off drainage and treatment plant will also be constructed and an existing one will be restored, various underpasses will be extended or overhauled, and the operating and safety equipment will be updated.


Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Thun branch

Our services

Project management as lead planner in an engineering consortium for the general project, the global maintenance concept and execution project as well as for the programme of measures. Project planning for the N01 in relation to the track, drainage, retaining walls as well as operating and safety equipment. Compilation of the approvals dossier for the entire project.

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