A logistics centre of gigantic proportions: Coop in Schafisheim

Coop built a new production and distribution centre in Schafisheim in the canton of Aargau – a project of superlatives into which the retailer invested around CHF 600 million. An annual 60,000 tonnes of baked goods will be produced there in Switzerland’s largest bakery, the logistics centre will deliver goods throughout Switzerland with 1,800 lorry trips per day, and 1,900 people will work at the new location. Basler & Hofmann was involved in this exceptional project with more than 70 employees from a wide range of disciplines.


IE Food Engineering, Zürich

An exceptional undertaking

Coop is to merge its logistics for North-West and Central Switzerland at a single location in Schafisheim in the canton of Aargau. In future, the retailer will save around 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year with its new, highly efficient production and logistics centre. The construction project itself was as ambitious as the centre’s goals: the building complex incorporates an efficient rail connection, a high-bay freezer warehouse for supplying the whole of Switzerland, Switzerland’s largest bakery and confectioner, an empties recycling centre and a biomass centre for CO2-neutral energy production for the logistics centre. 


Efficient planning process

Countless detailed questions needed to be answered during the course of the project: How will traffic access and leave the site? How will the original gravel pit be transformed into a stable excavation? How does a 25-metre-long oven with a weight of 3.5 tonnes per square metre fit into the static concept? How will it be possible to prevent the ground below the freezer warehouse, with an interior temperature of –23°C, from freezing? Close collaboration between the various disciplines at Basler & Hofmann and with the general planner, IE Food Engineering, facilitated a highly efficient planning process.


Our services

Project planning and site management of the excavation, the combined pile raft foundation and a large part of the structural systems; project planning and site management of the connection with service pipes and roads. Preparation of the special use plan, transport planning, environmental impact report, fire protection planning, surveying, vibration monitoring.

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