A spectacular structure in a sensitive landscape: the Tamina bridge

The two villages of Pfäfers and Valens are separated by the Tamina gorge. In addition, Valens was only accessible via one road that leads through an active landslide area. A new road was intended to create a secure link, the most spectacular part of which is the 500-metre-long Tamina bridge that connects Pfäfers with Valens. In this sensitive area in terms of landscape and ecology, the structure could only be created thanks to extensive environmental compensation measures.

Expertise involved

Environmental planning


Office of Civil Engineering, canton of St. Gallen

Focus on ecology and landscape protection

The link road involved the construction of more than 1,000 metres of new cantonal road – and therefore calls for an environmental impact assessment. The Office of Civil Engineering of the canton of St. Gallen commissioned Basler & Hofmann to prepare the necessary environmental impact report, which highlights the environmental impact of the project as well as measures aimed at protecting the environment. As traffic volume, at 2,500 to 3,000 vehicles per day , will remain low in future, the focus was on environmental and landscape aspects. Extensive environmental compensation measures were defined in consultation with all parties involved – from stream revitalisation through new crossings for wild animals to the creation of a natural forest reserve and new fruit orchards. A specially created “Tamina Landschaft” advisory group supervised and monitored the correct implementation of these measures. 


A cooperative planning process as the key to success

A central factor in the success of the project was the cooperative approach taken by the client, the Office of Civil Engineering of the canton of St. Gallen, which actively included the cantonal environmental offices, environmental associations and the local municipality in the planning process. This approach resulted in highly effective solutions, high acceptance for the project and ultimately record-time implementation.

Our services

Environmental impact report, support in approval procedure, environmental construction support in execution of construction work, coordination and membership of the “Tamina Landschaft” advisory group.

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