A6 Kiesen - Thun: Motorway maintenance and upgrade

Motorway maintenance must be done with as little disruption to motorists as possible - this is one of the principles of the Federal Highways Department and therefore applies to the comprehensive upgrade of the stretch of motorway between Kiesen and Thun. To achieve this in practice requires meticulous planning and staged work.


Federal Roads Office (ASTRA)

The 9.3 km section of motorway between Kiesen and Thun Süd, including its junctions and access roads, is to be extensively renovated. In addition to the carriageway of the motorway itself, the project includes all civil engineering structures, drainage, the construction of a new water run-off treatment plant, operational and safety equipment, noise protection, environmental reports as well as the overhaul of the Allmend tunnel. 

The overhaul of the tunnel is particularly challenging as the tunnel tubes have to be blocked, one at a time, but traffic flow is supposed to continue unhindered. For traffic towards Spiez, a temporary route is therefore being built across the Allmend. The Allmend area is being used as a local recreation area as well as a military training area. The temporary structure is thus essentially an independent road construction project with ramps, retaining walls and two tank crossings.

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