Alte Forchstrasse, municipality of Küsnacht

Project overview

The Alte Forchstrasse road in the municipality of Küsnacht is to be renovated as a result of its age. As part of this process, the sewer system, water pipelines and new electricity supply lines will be replaced or built. Consideration of the Forch railway, which runs parallel and extremely close to the Alte Forchstrasse road, is a fundamental element of the project planning process.

Expertise involved

Roads and highways


Municipality of Küsnacht

Our services

Surveys of the condition of the road and sewer system, supervision of the sampling activities and the remote-camera inspection of the sewer system, baseline survey of all relevant data and supervision of surveying work. Preparation of compliance testing of the geometric conditions of the existing road, preparation of the preliminary project for road construction and service piping, concept development for construction phasing and for construction and traffic phases, cost estimation.&nb

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