Appenzeller Bahnen railways: St. Gallen cross-city link

Project overview

The cross-city link is a key project by Appenzeller Bahnen railways, and is intended to connect the currently separate St. Gallen‒Trogen and St. Gallen‒Appenzell lines. The subproject involving the St. Gallen railway station involves linking up the two St. Gallen–Gais–Appenzell and St. Gallen–Trogen lines, calling for extensive structural work on the tracks and platforms at the St. Gallen railway station.


Appenzeller Bahnen AG

Our services

The assignment encompasses overall planning for track construction and civil engineering, as well as for platforms in the phases of project planning, invitations to tender and implementation. In addition, the mandate also involves track geometry and coordination with railway technology and neighbouring projects.

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