BIM inventory model for the Monosuisse Energy Centre

Project overview

A new energy centre is being constructed on the existing industrial premises of Monosuisse AG in the Viscosistadt district. No reliable inventory plans were available for the planning of this new facility. All aspects of the industrial conversion, which was to be carried out in stages, were to be implemented in full using BIM. Complete, detailed images were produced with laser scanning. These point clouds serve as the basis for the basic BIM model. The technical installations are modelled on a needs-oriented basis. This achieves the optimum balance between benefits and cost/outlay in terms of work. The LOIN was discussed for each component and prepared accordingly.

Expertise involved

Digital services


Wärmeverbund Seetalplatz, Emmenbrücke

Our services

Creation of a higher-level geodetic network as the basis for all surveying scans, use of 3D laser scanning, creation of the BIM sub-models for the supporting structures and the building services, publication of the model via an online platform.

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