BIM inventory model for the Strickhof water reservoir in Zurich

Project overview

The 120 m long and 30 m wide Strickhof water reservoir is situated above the University of Irchel. The owner ordered a complete and detailed basic BIM model from Basler & Hofmann as the basis for planning. All rooms, chambers and the surroundings were surveyed with scans for this purpose. Afterwards, an interdisciplinary project team generated a comprehensive BIM model. The final step was a virtual inspection tour of the model.

Expertise involved

Digital services


Zurich Water Supply Department

Our services

Concept creation, creation of a geodetic network inside and outside the building, 3D laser scanning for scanning of all rooms, chambers, walls and the wall mosaic on the façade, and geodetic recording of the outdoor space. Creation of the georeferenced BIM sub-models for supporting structures, architecture, building services and topology, VR demo.

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