BIM inventory review via laser scanning for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva

Project overview

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is planning the construction of a new headquarters in Geneva. The new build will be adjacent to facilities and rooms in the existing ITU building.
For this reason, the decision was taken to prepare a BIM inventory model for the project. For the inventory model, different parts of the existing building were mapped with the aid of laser scanning. These areas include a 100-metre long service duct in the adjacent multi-storey car park “Parking des Nations”, as well as two areas in the basement of the existing building. These areas (including offices, inner courtyards, utility rooms) have complicated floor plans. The scanned area covers a total of 2500 m2. A complex, terrestrially created fixed-point network enables georeferencing of the scanned data.



Our services

Creation of a higher-level fixed-point network as the basis for all surveying scans, 3D laser scanning, 360° images and automatic filtering as well as manual clean-up of the point clouds. Virtual inspection of the data.