BIM planning for cabling systems for construction of a new Bözberg tunnel

Project overview

In order to ease freight traffic through the Alps, SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) is increasing the size of the Gotthard axis to a 4-metre corridor. This will allow semitrailers with a height of 4 metres to be transported by rail. Because the existing, twin-track Bözberg tunnel is not suitable for the planned 4-metre corridor, a new 2.7 km twin-track tunnel tube needed to be built. As part of a BIM pilot project, Basler & Hofmann modelled cable paths for traction current and telecommunications systems for the entire tunnel. Database-controlled parametric algorithms were used to model the cables and elements of the operating and safety equipment (OSE) at the control centres and in the tunnel.

Expertise involved

BIM planning


Implenia Schweiz AG

Our services

Creation of the BIM model for Cross Connection 2. Parametric 3D modelling of the cable connections for the main tunnel ground conductors, traction current and telecommunications systems. Information about elements with codes from the equipment labelling system.

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