BIM planning for renovation and expansion of a warehouse in Embraport

Project overview

In response to the dynamically changing requirements for logistics, the Embraport freight centre is being renovated. The conversion and expansion of Building B during the period from 2020 to 2021 will represent the first of the total of four major stages in the project. Basler & Hofmann is responsible for overall project management and is also responsible for planning work in the areas of energy, building services engineering and automation, building physics, building pollutants, sewer systems and traffic. As general planner, Basler & Hofmann has drawn up a BIM model that can be applied not only in order to optimise the planning, but can also be used on-site during construction and subsequently during operation of the site. The BIM planning – and specifically the model-based communication and coordination – has supported interdisciplinary collaboration. One particular challenge was the modelling of information in a form that allowed the data to be migrated to the software for the Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software.


Züricher Freilager AG

Our services

BIM management: creation of the BIM execution plan and the model and data structures. Modelling of the building services engineering (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and electrical). Overall BIM coordination with model-based communication and coordination across all disciplines. Migration of operationally relevant information to a CAFM system (BIM for Facility Management/FM). Operation of a Common Data Environment (CDE) for the planning and implementation phase.

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