Bringing together photovoltaics and biodiversity: Site and construction planning for the noise barrier structure at the A2 motorway in Zofingen/Switzerland

Project overview

Solar power has been generated on the noise barrier structure at the A2 motorway between Zofingen and Strengelbach since the start of 2022. The community investment project generates 700,000 kWh of electricity per year, which meets the demand of around 150 households. The structure is an innovative and trendsetting project that combines ecological compensation areas and areas used for agricultural purposes with the generation of solar power (PV). This is made possible by the use of bifacial PV modules. In contrast to conventional modules, these are erected vertically, thus allowing the areas between the rows to be re-greened appropriately for the location or used for agricultural purposes. In addition, thanks to the vertical arrangement of the modules, there are no problems with glare being reflected onto neighbouring buildings or nearby traffic. This particular development uses a combination of conventional and bifacial modules, which delivers a homogeneous daily production curve and avoids the midday peaks otherwise typical of PV systems.


StWZ Energie AG Zofingen

Our services

Analysis of the site and current situation. Concept and system design. Feasibility calculations. Glare analysis and verification. Logistics concept for the construction site directly via the motorway. Specialist planning, planning permission, tendering and construction management.

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