Bürgenstock: A tourism jewel at high altitude

The Bürgenstock mountain situated high above Lake Lucerne and the resort of the same name has welcomed many famous guests since it was established in 1873, including Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger and Konrad Adenauer. By 2017, the listed buildings of this mountain resort will have had a high-grade renovation and been expanded to include hotels, luxury residences and 'wellness' facilities.

Expertise involved

Geotechnical engineering


Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG


The hotel complex was taken over by the Emirate of Qatar in 2008. Investment in the project will total half a billion Swiss francs. Basler & Hofmann is supporting this major project with sophisticated services, including infrastructure, drainage and retention of waste water. For example, the team has engineered embankments of up to 15 metres in very challenging terrain.

Our services

Project development, preliminary studies, variant studies, all phases from the preliminary project to commissioning 

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