Centre Dietlikon South: Rehabilitation of Neue Winterthurerstrasse

Project overview

Neue Winterthurerstrasse in Dietlikon is in need of rehabilitation. The Canton of Zurich is taking the opportunity to work with the municipalities of Dietlikon and Wallisellen to restore various infrastructure and to optimise transport links in the centre of Dietlikon South. To this end, a new transport system with two large roundabouts will be introduced. Road traffic (averaging 25,000 vehicles/day) and heavy foot traffic for shopping and other purposes will continue throughout the construction work.


Building Department of the Canton of Zurich, municipality of Dietlikon, municipality of Wallisellen, Werke

Our services

Restoration of the entire road surface with adaptations and extensions at four intersections, as well as the construction of four new bus stops in concrete. Restoration of the entire road drainage system with three storage channels with a nominal diameter of 1600 mm as well as the installation construction of various numerous new service pipes. Construction of the new bridge over the Altbach river, overhaul of a pedestrian underpass and construction building of various retaining walls. Execution of all surveying and environmental construction support during the implementation phase construction phase.

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