Construction of new geriatric psychiatry wing St. Urban

Project overview

The new House C on the grounds of the St. Urban psychiatric clinic is a building complex that meets the needs and requirements of the patients in the clinic’s care. The client's main concern was for the new infrastructures to have the most flexible possible design so that they could be used by different patient groups. A special feature of the building is the column-free cantilever above the main entrance. The façades of the two floors above the entrance were designed as Vierendeel beams made of in-situ concrete to enhance load transfer. The poor quality of the subsoil meant that the building had to be constructed entirely on a pile foundation. Due to the constraints of the time schedule, prefabricated concrete driven piles were used to achieve a fast and efficient construction method.

Expertise involved

Structural engineering


Luzerner Psychiatrie LUPS, St. Urban

Photos: Schärli Architekten AG

Our services

Project planning, tendering and execution of excavation work, foundations and support structure.

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