Dams in the Zürcher Oberland region: Sülibach pond

Project overview

On account of the changes to the Swiss Federal Act on Water Retaining Facilities (StAG) and the Swiss Ordinance on Water Retaining Facilities (StAV), various dams in the Canton of Zurich are now being newly subjected to the requirements
of StAV due to the criterion for special hazards in the event of a breach of a dam. Basler & Hofmann is investigating various dams in terms of this special hazard, but also in terms of dam stability. Based on the findings, remediation projects will be developed and potential measures will be investigated to remove the objects in question from the scope of these legal requirements. For example, the Sülibach pond in Bauma was lowered by 3 m in order to guarantee the stability of the dam and rule out the ‘special hazard’ case.


Building Department of the Canton of Zurich, Office for Landscape and Nature

Our services

2D modelling of dam-break floods, investigation of special hazards, calculation of dam stability, project planning and execution of the measures.

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