Digital planning for revitalisation of the Minster river

Project overview

In the section from the confluence of the Waag river up to the Sihlsee lake, the Minster river runs predominantly in a hard-installed trapezoidal channel with continuous bed paving. The Minster river is to be ecologically upgraded via measures to widen the cross-section and provide it with a more natural design, as well as with the construction of two large widenings.


Etzelwerk AG and SBB Infrastructure, Energy

Our services

Concept study, audit of the current condition, study of variants at the pre-study stage, pre-project to determine the best option. Development of the 3D project model by combining the river axis, longitudinal profile and normal profiles. Hydraulic modelling in 1D and 2D directly on the 3D project model for iterative development of the optimum project geometry. Plan presentation and quantity surveying directly from the 3D project model.

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