Digital planning in the Alpenrhein Flood Protection project

Project overview

The primary objective of this major bi-national project is to improve flood protection for the densely populated region in the Rhine valley between Illmündung and Lake Constance. At the same time, the ecological condition of this 26 km long stretch of the Rhine river will be improved, and its role as a recreational space will be strengthened – taking into account further interests such as drinking water supply and agriculture. Project planning is implemented on the basis of a digital project model from which the plans are generated and in which various analyses are carried out.


Internationale Rheinregulierung

Our services

Development and creation of the project model in Civil3D, which enables dynamic adaptation of the project geometry (dam heights, bed position) to the results of the hydraulic simulation. The plan presentation in situ, longitudinal profiles and cross profiles as well as the quantity surveying and the replacement of the geometry for the hydraulic simulation are carried out automatically from the project model. For determination of the scale of damage and cost effectiveness based on EconoMe and KNU, a GIS application was developed that enables a clear presentation in WEB-GIS. Within the project, Basler & Hofmann heads up and manages the international team of planners and also deals with various higher-level planning topics such as freeboard and overload scenarios, cost/benefit investigations, material management and cost estimates.

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