Escholzmatt wind park: measurements at 99 metres above ground

The canton of Lucerne’s wind energy concept names 22 locations in the canton where wind power plants are to be erected. One of these is the Höch-Turner-Bock area above the municipality of Escholzmatt in Entlebuch, where Windenergie Schweiz AG would like to construct a wind park. A 99-metre-tall met mast will indicate the actual wind strength at that site.

Expertise involved

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Ingenious measurements at great heights

Those who live in the municipality of Escholzmatt will know that it is often extremely windy up in the Höch-Turner-Bock area. This has also been proven by initial wind calculations. Windenergie Schweiz AG is optimistic that a wind park can be constructed on the site. The project stipulates three wind turbines with a hub height of 200 to 240 metres. In total, these will generate electrical energy for up to 7,500 households. To confirm whether this is feasible, real wind measurements will be carried out over the course of one year. The wind energy specialists from Basler & Hofmann supported the client while planning the wind measurements and constructing the met mast at the end of May 2021. Industrial climbers with a head for heights were brought in to construct the mast, which is 99 metres tall and weighs three tonnes. They built the mast element by element and equipped it with sophisticated sensor technology. The sensors do not just measure wind data, but also climate parameters such as the temperature and atmospheric humidity. A special sensor is fitted at the highest level of the mast, able to provide extremely precise measurements of the wind speed and direction in all three dimensions. As well as the sensors, bat detectors have also been installed on the mast. These provide information on the bat species present in the area and how often they are there, which will be taken into account in the environmental impact assessment.


Step-by-step towards implementation

The wind measurements are another important step towards the implementation of the wind park. However, it is likely to be a few years before the first propellers will be turning above Escholzmatt. First, the cantonal structure plan must undergo a consultation process. If the plan is adopted, both wind energy use and landscape conservation must be taken into account in the further planning. An environmental impact report and various surveys on aspects such as noise or bird protection must be produced. The technical planning must detail the exact locations, access and the network connection. The municipality will have the final say before implementation. They must approve the changes to the zoning plan and the planning application.


Photo: Vertic pro AG

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Location inspection and detailed planning of wind measurement, support during the construction permit process, supervision of the mast construction and installation of measurement technology, site inspections and maintenance and repair if required, creation of wind survey and profit forecast, deinstallation log.

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