Expansion of the Esslingen office building: Use of augmented reality to install ventilation systems

Project overview

Basler & Hofmann has expanded its own office building in Esslingen in the canton of Zurich. With this in-house pilot project, we want to take full advantage of the digital opportunities for planning and building and make sure that the necessary continuous, comprehensive data stream is delivered. Planning was performed simultaneously across all disciplines in a single model. The model formed the sole basis for execution of the construction work. All aspects of the building services engineering were also planned entirely with the aid of Building Information Modelling (BIM). In a pilot project, ventilation elements were installed on the construction site using augmented reality (AR) glasses. With the aid of the AR glasses, the installation coordinator was able to see the building services engineering model directly in the physical space in front of himself as a 3D visualisation and thus knew exactly where each element needed to be placed. However, the digital model and AR offer added value not only for planning, but also enable efficient and sustainable facility management during operation.


Basler & Hofmann AG

Our services

Creation of an implementation model with construction phases. Application of the model using AR glasses during installation of the ventilation system. Creation of the connection between the construction site and the virtual BIM model via bidirectional communication. Application of the model for pre-production of the ventilation ducts (BIM2Production). Component tracking via an ID code using AR glasses (visual element detection). Creation of acceptance inspection reports by means of the AR glasses. Documentation of the construction processes on a platform specially developed for this purpose.

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