First energy self-sufficient multiple dwelling, Brütten

Project overview

A completely energy self-sufficient apartment building? Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology and engineering know-how, this is now possible. The nine-family apartment house in Brütten has a matt photovoltaic facade, a photovoltaic roof, battery and hydrogen storage systems, multiple heat accumulators and a sophisticated building management system. With the aid of the photovoltaic system, which covers all the surfaces of the building, the building becomes its own power station and covers all of its own energy requirements – which means that no external energy supplies are needed, neither for electricity, oil or gas. The pioneering project was the recipient of the Norman Foster Solar Award 2016 and the Energy Globe Award Switzerland 2018.


W. Schmid Projekte AG

Our services

Technical planning and module evaluation for photovoltaic system on roof and facade. Yield forecast and simulation of energy consumption, energy production and energy surplus every 15 minutes. Consultancy and design of storage concepts, control, storage technology and storage options. Simulation of energy flows and dimensioning of storage systems.

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