Floor protection for the Kleine Emme river

Project overview

The development of the Kleine Emme river from the mouth of the Fontanne river up to the confluence with the Reuss river is designed to safeguard flood protection in the future. As the specialist planner for water construction and morphology, Basler & Hofmann was responsible for the pre-project/construction project/detailed planning project for Lot 2 of the project from Thorenberg to the mouth of the Rümlig river. The project included self-dynamic widening of the river flow cross-section to ensure sufficient carry-off capacity and protection of the groundwater table in the section downstream of the Renggbach mouth to safeguard drinking water supplies in the Lucerne region.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Canton of Lucerne, Department of Transport and Infrastructure

Our services

Planning and – in part – realisation of flood protection and revitalisation measures including widening, shoreline flattening, riverbed lowering, bank height increases and object protection. Hydraulic simulations, bank protection, soil bioengineering and riverbed structuring measures.

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