Hazard mapping for Embrach-Irchel

Project overview

Comprehensive hazard mapping for flooding and landslides was conducted for the entire region of the local communities Berg am Irchel, Buch am Irchel, Dorf, Embrach, Freienstein-Teufen, Lufingen, Oberembrach, Rorbas and Volken. The work included all main steps of hazard mapping, such as analysis of events, hydrology, weak point analysis and preparation of scenarios, 1D and 2D hydraulic flooding modelling, GIS data preparation, preparation of the intensity and hazard maps and communications with the cantonal and local community authorities.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Canton of Zurich, Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air

Our services

Development of the hazard mapping for the processes ‘Flooding’ and ‘Landslides’ in accordance with the requirements specification of the canton of Zurich.

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