Kriens Mattenhof: Expansion of the stop to a full station

The urban development of Kriens is progressing rapidly. South of Lucerne, a large number of new residential dwellings and places of work are being created. While around 2,000 people commute by train today from the Mattenhof stop, this number is set to rise to 10,000 over a period of ten years. This is why the 15-year old stop is being upgraded and modernised into a state-of-the art transport hub.


zb Zentralbahn AG

Challenging de-watering concept

As part of the expansion project, new railway platforms with platform roofs and a new central passenger underpass is being built, a new ramp is being added to the existing Sternmatt underpass, additional bicycle storage spaces are being created and the station square is being upgraded. With groundwater levels high, the construction of the excavations for the underpass and ramp required the use of two filter wells and four relief wells. To ensure that there was no dangerous subsidence in surrounding building structures, the groundwater levels are being monitored around the clock using eleven piezometers.


Numerous parties involved in the construction phase planning

Alongside the numerous project partners, various third parties are also involved in the expansion project – from the companies involved in the adjacent building projects Mattenhof 1 and 2 to the allotment holders, through whose gardens a construction site pathway runs. This requires detailed coordination and construction phase planning – and this is where the experts from Basler & Hofmann are able to contribute their experience in coordinating complex projects.


Our services

Overall project management with the leading role within an engineering consortium. Specialist planning and site supervision for the passenger underpass, ramp and geotechnical engineering and pile foundations: excavation concept and planning, pile-driving, de-watering, foundations and structural civil engineering.

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