Landquart fuel depot: renovation, conversion and expansion

The Landquart fuel depot, with a storage capacity of 85 million litres, supplies the canton of Graubünden with petrol, diesel and heating oil. Basler & Hofmann is responsible for the planning, project planning and supervision of renovation and conversion projects, and is to support the client in expansion planning up to 2020.


Fenaco Genossenschaft/Agrola

From air pollution control to track construction

The first project involved a new petrol vapour recovery system as well as a new fuel depot control and visualisation. Up to 100,000 litres of petrol have been recovered each year since commissioning, with pollution levels well below the threshold values of the Ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OAPC). Further projects followed – the stationary fire protection installations  had to be refitted to comply with the current Carbura guidelines, and finally, the feeder tracks to the fuel depot needed to be renewed. Environmental construction support was also a major issue throughout all project phases. 

Our services

Petrol vapour recovery system and fire protection installations: condition survey, project planning, invitations to tender, scheduling and implementation planning of the conversion work during normal operations, control concept, site management, commissioning and site acceptance. Renewal of feeder track: condition survey, preliminary project to construction documents, site management, commissioning.

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