Langensand bridge in Lucerne

Project overview

The Langensand bridge crosses the tracks at the entrance to Lucerne station. The bridge has a col-umn-free span width of 80 metres and a total width of just under 25 metres. Construction of the new bridge took place while traffic was flowing, with around 20,000 vehicles crossing the bridge, including two bus lines and depot traffic for the Lucerne public transport service. The SBB recorded around 1,230 train and shunting manoeuvres under the bridge. This is why the bridge was constructed in two separate stages, separated crosswise. To avoid disruptions to rail traffic, the two halves of the bridge were slid into place during the night.

Expertise involved



Lucerne Department of Civil Engineering, SBB AG

Our services

Development of stage 2 of the competition project with the sole contractor. Construction project car-ried out by the planning team managed by Basler & Hofmann. Site management for the entire con-struction project.

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