Licence renewal at Eglisau power plant

Project overview

With the 1997 licence project, the company Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (NOK) applied for licence renewal for the Eglisau power plant on the river Rhine near Rheinfelden. The project encompasses the renovation of the existing facility and the increase in the water discharge volume through modernisation of the power generation facility while maintaining the existing water level.


Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (NOK) (today: Axpo Holding AG)

Our services

Preparation of environmental impact report for Stage 1 according to Swiss law, preparation of a vegetation and habitat map for riverbank areas in the reservoir area of the power plant (section of the river Rhine from Rheinfelden to Ellikon am Rhein), consulting services for NOK in the preparation of an environmental impact report for Stage 2.

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