Location evaluation for wind power utilisation in Switzerland

Project overview

The Wind Power Switzerland concept, developed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, covers potential locations for wind power utilisation in Switzerland. However, due to the large-scale evaluation, some of these locations are indicative only. They have also been evaluated according to selected quantitative rules. Important qualitative criteria such as landowner ratios, accessibility by road, network connection or consideration in the cantonal structure planning are not taken into account. Our location evaluation goes deeper than the Wind Power Switzerland concept and provides further evidence as to whether a location is suitable for wind power utilisation. It forms the decision-making basis for the project initiator as to whether the location should be put forward for further technical planning.

Expertise involved

Wind power


Vento Ludens Schweiz

Our services

First part: advanced quantitative location evaluation according to the following criteria: road and network accessibility, wind frequency, conservation matters and activities of other planners (plus further criteria depending on the client)
Second part: location inspection and evaluation according to qualitative criteria such as spatial planning, visibility, land owner ratios, road and network accessibility and potential wind park size.

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