Maintenance planning for the supply of water for firefighting, national road section N03/76 Murg-Walenstadt

Project overview

National road section N03/76 from the cantonal border Glarus/St. Gallen to the Walenstadt junction has a length of eleven kilometres. Due to the topographically challenging nature of the region, the section includes various artificial structures, including five tunnels in each direction of travel. The route was opened in 1987 and has never been extensively renovated in the time since. Basler & Hofmann was awarded the contract for drawing up a maintenance concept including an action plan for repairs, including for the supply of water for firefighting.


ASTRA Winterthur branch

Our services

Coordination with the water supplies of the corresponding local authorities, modelling of the drinking water network with new pipes for water for firefighting in the tunnels, determining the measures required for establishing a supply of water for firefighting in the tunnels and in front of the tunnel portals.

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