Office building in Esslingen: laser scanning, monitoring and scanning flights with a drone

Project overview

Basler & Hofmann has expanded its own office building in Esslingen in the canton of Zurich. With this pilot project, we wanted to take full advantage of the digital opportunities for planning and building and make sure that the necessary continuous, comprehensive data stream is delivered. This means that planning was performed simultaneously across all disciplines in a single model. The model was the sole basis for the execution of the construction work – there were no longer any physical plans – and was also used subsequently for management and operation of the building. Comprehensive basic data was collected for the model via laser scanning and with the aid of a drone.

Expertise involved

Digital services


Rehalp Verwaltungs AG

Our services

Laser scanning of the entire interior of the building and analysis of the point cloud. Scanning flights with a drone to scan the roof, façade and surrounding area as the basis for project planning for the building expansion using BIM. Checking of the parametrically planned wooden acoustic walls via laser scanning. Monitoring of the likewise parametrically planned outdoor “Future Tree” pavilion and its traction cables (strain measurement, joint monitoring) including online presentation on a dedicated monitoring portal.

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