Pilot project Eigenheimstrasse Küsnacht: BIM planning for the complete renovation of an entire street

Project overview

The municipality of Küsnacht in the canton of Zurich and the company Werke am Zürichsee are planning to drive ahead digitalisation in infrastructure construction. As the first project, the municipality decided to tackle the complete renovation of the entire street Eigenheimstrasse. In the lead-up to the implementation of the project, work was carried out together with the client and Werke am Zürichsee in joint workshops to define the requirements for the BIM process – from the start of the project through modelling and tendering all the way to implementation – and this was documented in a BIM guide. The street Eigenheimstrasse is a residential road (30 km/h speed limit) with a length of around 370 metres and extremely limited space. The project included replacing the road surface (around 2,500 square metres), supply lines (including the separating system) including access pipes/cables to the buildings, and the construction of large new underground concrete structures designed to carry water away in the event of flooding.


Municipality of Küsnacht (civil engineering department) and Werke am Zürichsee AG

Our services

Complete planning using BIM methodology with coordinated specialist models. Modelling of the road (layers, edge finish) and road drainage, main pipes including trenches, surveys/drilling cores and underground concrete structures. Spatial coordination/conflict planning for elements in the individual specialist models (e.g. service pipe crossovers, conflicts with existing objects). Model data used in various ways: 3D views and visualisations, marking-out lists, summaries of material quantities etc.

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