Pilot study: Aeschenplatz Basel transport hub upgrade

Project overview

Aeschenplatz is a central tram and bus changeover point as well as a key hub for motorised private transport in the city of Basel. In a pilot study we showed that the square, which is currently dominated by its role as a transport hub, can be successfully upgraded to an attractive urban space. With the aid of direct pedestrian connections, safe management of cycle routes and optimisations to the bus/tram stop layout, an efficient system will be created and leisure areas will be freed up.

Expertise involved

Transportation planning


Canton of Basel City

Our services

Performance of a study to investigate different options. Transportation concept for all means of transport. Review of geometric feasibility, including tram track geometry / reconceptualisation of the bus system with accessible stops designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Simplification of the transport hub and motorised private transport network. Traffic flow evaluations, VISSIM simulations and coordination of transport and urban space. Cost estimate, phase planning and support during the decision-making process.

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