Planning wind parks in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Project overview

As part of the energy revolution, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg is aiming to generate more electricity from wind power. The company Windenergie Süd, in cooperation with Aargauische Elektrizitätswerke (AEW Energie, a Swiss energy supply company), wanted to plan and implement several wind parks in Baden-Württemberg. Our team was mandated to carry out the full planning of the wind parks between 2011 and 2016. This covered identification of location, securing the land, spatial planning, approval processes and technical planning.

Expertise involved

Wind power


Windenergie Süd GmbH & Co. KG

Our services

Identification of location, securing the land, owners and residents meetings, spatial planning and environment. Approval including coordination of technical experts for the environmental impact report. Wind and profitability, technical planning and society.

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