Reflection study at Cochin International Airport

Project overview

Cochin International Airport in India is looking into installing a large photovoltaic system on the airport grounds. As photovoltaic modules have a glass surface, there is the possibility that sunlight will be reflected and cause glare. Safety of flight operations is of the highest priority, making it essential that any potential influences on flight operations are simulated in advance. The planned system can thus be optimised in an early planning phase in order to minimise or exclude glare.

Expertise involved



Cochin International Airport Infrastuctures Ltd. (CIAL)

Our services

Situation analysis of the airport and planned photovoltaic system. Data processing and preparation of annual sun-path diagram for the location. Calculation and simulation of possible reflected radiation. Comparison and overlapping of reflected radiation with approach corridors, runways and other relevant areas, as required (taxiways, control tower).

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