Reishauer in Wallisellen: BIM planning for new industrial buildings

Project overview

The company Reishauer AG in Wallisellen/Switzerland manufactures gear grinding machines for the machining of gear wheels. Reishauer wants to build a new, state-of-the-art building consisting of a production wing, office wing and an assembly hall to replace existing facilities. Implementation is scheduled to take place in three independent stages to be carried out one after the other.
Planning of the new building will be based on BIM working methodology and will be integrated in a Revit model. Both the experts in the area of load-bearing structures and the experts in process media are closely involved in the Closed BIM process for planning and project coordination. The digital models will also be used as the basis for planning and further developed in the areas of fire safety and traffic planning.


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Project planning, tendering and realisation of various subsections: load-bearing structures, special civil engineering, fire safety, process media, traffic planning, contaminated sites, environmental construction support, surveying, vibration control and monitoring.

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