'Renergia' – where waste produces energy

The new waste incineration plant of Renergia Zentralschweiz AG in Perlen is most imposing. It is about 200 long, 60 metres wide and up to 50 metres high. It is not only the plant’s considerable dimensions that are impressive but also its intrinsic features which result in its exemplary energy efficiency.

Expertise involved

Structural engineering


Fiedler Beck Ingenieure AG, Hamburg

Most of the energy produced in the combustion of waste in Perlen is used in the form of steam in the neighbouring paper mill. This allows the new incineration plant to achieve an energy efficiency level of 70% compared with only 29% for the old plant. Thanks to the significant support provided by Basler & Hofmann, recycling measures were also widely implemented during construction. Some 17% of the raw material used in the concrete is accounted for by concrete demolition waste; i.e. recycled concrete. Eco-concrete, for which 25% less CO2 is produced during production, was also used for selected components. A sustainable power plant in every respect. 

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