Revitalisation and flood protection for the Untere Taverna river, Wünnewil‐Flamatt

Project overview

The Taverna river was redesigned in seven construction lots and ecologically improved. Here, construction methods that control the flow – so-called river groynes – were created in many locations for riverbank protection and channel structuring. Along the revitalised sections, this meant that no bank protection measures were required at all in the form of hard structures. The success of the project was monitored over a period of five years. This showed that the river groynes effectively reduce the attack from the river flow on the riverbanks in the event of flooding and that they perform better than hard riverbank structures both from an ecological and an economic standpoint. To restore longitudinal interaction, among other things pendulum ramps were installed on the Taverna river.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Municipality of Wünnewil-Flamatt, Fribourg Cantonal Civil Engineering Office and the Federal Office for the Environment


Our services

Revision of the existing construction project, modelling of scenarios for parallel flooding of the Taverna and Sense rivers, implementation project, tendering and realisation, monitoring of the success of the river groynes.

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