Revitalization and flood protection on the Alte Aare river, Lots 2–5

Project overview

As part of the project, the unique wetland landscape of the Alte Aare river was improved with a wide range of ecological measures. The riverbank and riverbed were structured over several kilometres with deadwood fascines. Dozens of pools, ponds and tributaries were upgraded or newly created. Thanks to measures to lower the terrain close to the channel, softwood groves, marsh forests, wetlands and fens will be able to flourish again in the future. Existing pine forests were thinned out, and gravelly riparian pioneer sites, semi-arid grassland and species-rich meadows were created. At the same time, various flood protection measures were implemented for the protection of the surrounding municipalities. A dead channel was reactivated as a flood relief measure, various dams were repaired or newly constructed, and one relief trough with road lowering was created.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Alte Aare Water Construction Association

Our services

Review and optimisation of the construction project, hydraulic modelling in 2D, tendering, implementation project, execution, commissioning and completion. Construction supervision focusing on ecological and soil study-related aspects, environmental remediation of the site, geotechnical engineering and groundwater, maintenance and care.

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