Solar carport for Sauber Motorsport in Hinwil

Project overview

Sauber Motorsport issued an invitation to tender for a photovoltaic car park covering using thin-film modules from the company Oerlikon Solar for its site in Hinwil.
Basler & Hofmann won the general contractor competition with an innovative concept. The system, which consists of over 1,000 thin-film modules, is one of the largest solar carports in Switzerland. 46 micro piles with a depth of six metres anchor the system, which spans 123 parking spaces and is capable of supplying electricity to 31 households. We used a glint and glare assessment to demonstrate that the installation is safe for traffic on the nearby cantonal roads.


Sauber Motorsport AG

Our services

Surveying, conception including earthing and lightning protection concept, assessments of structural safety, overhead glazing and glare reflections, project planning and planning permission process.

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