Supply technology for the Lucerne bypass tunnel: Parametric modelling and visualisation with virtual reality

Project overview

The major project “Lucerne Bypass – Complete System” is designed to separate transit traffic and local traffic in the Lucerne region and to relieve the city. The heart of the project is the approximately four kilometres long tunnel. Basler & Hofmann is responsible for the planning of the operating and safety equipment (OSE) for the Lucerne Bypass – Complete System project. Alongside the conventional planning process, the team conducted a BIM pilot project with parametric design for the OSE in the area of the tunnel. Not only does this allow the planning process to be optimised, but at the same time the customer also receives a consistent and highly accurate data model for the building structure as the basis for future management/operation and maintenance. In addition, the model was also attractively visualised with the aid of virtual reality (VR).


Federal Roads Office, Road Infrastructure Department, Zofingen Office

Our services

3D planning including information about the operating and safety equipment using BIM modelling. Parametric 3D modelling of the tunnel construction. Parametric 3D positioning of the BSA elements with reference to the construction. Visualisation of the bypass tunnel and the central building services engineering with virtual reality (VR). Conceptualisation of the database for infrastructure projects.

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