Sustainable flood protection on the river Aare between Thun and Bern: Major project “aarewasser”

Project overview

The purpose of the major project “aarewasser” (Aare Water) is to safeguard flood protection in the entire Aare Valley between Thun and Bern, to secure long-term drinking water supplies, to upgrade the unique natural landscape and preserve the attractive local recreation area. The overall project comprised measures that were broken down into 25 sections. These included large-scale river widening in order to stop the riverbed erosion that has been progressing for decades and, associated with this, stop the water table drawdown.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Bern Cantonal Civil Engineering Office, Engineering Office II for Bern/Central Switzerland

Our services

Pre-study, pre-project/construction project/detailed planning project (SIA phases 21, 31 – 33) for eight sections, project planning for flood protection dams, bank protection, object protection measures and relief structures for flooding scenarios, renaturation of embankment constructions, design of river widening measures and wetlands, reactivation of old branches and tributaries as well as the creation of bodies of water for amphibians.

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