Technical excursion and visit to wind park for the Energy department of the canton of Thurgau

Project overview

The canton of Thurgau organised a technical excursion to wind power plants in the Black Forest, Germany. As several wind projects are being planned in Eastern Switzerland, the canton’s Energy department wanted to offer its citizens and municipalities the opportunity to visit a wind park for free and learn about the various aspects of a modern wind power plant on site. The excursion ran twice due to the high level of interest from the public and high demand. Three locations were visited, one of which was a forest location. Our experts gave interesting technical presentations to accompany each site inspection. The excursions helped to promote an understanding of wind power, to make discussion factual and provide a space in which critical questions could be discussed and debated expertly and competently.

Expertise involved

Wind power


Canton of Thurgau, Energy department

Our services

Content-related organisation. Supporting the excursions as technical experts. Presentations on the following topics: technology, wind in the forest and in the environment (including protection of species, noise, shade).

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