Test planning – Lucerne through station: 2040 station area development

Project overview

The underground through station project in Lucerne is classed as a ‘project of the century’, and it will offer the opportunity of sustainable development of the station area. In our test planning contribution as part of the interdisciplinary team with urban development specialists van de Wetering Atelier, landscape architects Hager and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts / School of Social Work, we have highlighted options for reorganising transport systems in a way that opens up the station square and creates attractive new urban spaces.


City of Lucerne

Master plan: Van de Wetering, Atelier für Städtebau

Our services

Transportation concept for all means of transport, reconceptualisation of the bus system with accessible stops designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, simplification of the transport hub and motorised private transport network, traffic flow evaluations, coordination of transport and urban space.

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