Test planning – Master plan – City of Zurich – Central Railway Station

Project overview

The Main Station area is the «hyper-centre» of the city of Zurich, with an incredible 750,000 people passing through every day. With its master plan, the city of Zurich is developing a vision for the future for transport planning and urban spatial planning in this area. In an interdisciplinary team including urban development specialists van de Wetering Atelier, landscape architects Hager and social urban development experts albprojekte raum mensch kultur we have developed a vision for the station area for 2050 as part of the test planning.

Expertise involved

Transportation planning


City of Zurich

Visualisation: Hager Partner AG

Our services

Transportation concept for all means of transport. Design of tram and bus stops. Proof of feasibility with regard to transport planning. Coordination of transport and urban space.

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