Track restoration on the A9 motorway in Germany

Project overview

The A9 motorway needs to be completely restored. The State Road Construction Authority for Saxony-Anhalt has awarded Basler & Hofmann the contract to rehabilitate two lots with a total length of 29 kilometres. The project includes the complete rehabilitation of the motorway on the 20-kilometre section between the Schkeuditz interchange and the junction for Halle as well as the nine-kilometre section between the junctions for Weissenfels and Naumburg.

Expertise involved

Roads and highways


State Road Construction Authority for Saxony-Anhalt, Regional Area South

Our services

Basler & Hofmann Germany has been commissioned to handle track planning, drainage, crash barriers and traffic management during construction. The project will be carried out by a transnational project team from Basler & Hofmann, with experts from Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Italy.

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