Water construction plans for the river Aare: Upper Belpau and Thalgut–Chesselau

Project overview

With the initialisation of two extensive river widening projects, the river Aare will in future be able to shape its wetland landscape under its own dynamics. This is supplemented by flood protection dams and shore protection measures to protect residential areas and infrastructures. The purpose is to safeguard flood protection along the river Aare, secure long-term drinking water supplies, upgrade the unique natural landscape and preserve the attractive local recreation area.

Expertise involved

Hydraulic engineering


Bern Cantonal Civil Engineering Office, Engineering Office II for Bern/Central Switzerland)

Our services

Development of pre-project/construction project/detailed planning project, hydraulic and morphological modelling in 2D, project planning for initialisation, steering and shore protection measures, hydraulic modelling of flooding scenarios.

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