Wind measurement in Thundorf in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland

Project overview

A 99-metre-tall met mast was installed at the Thundorf site in the canton of Thurgau, in Eastern Switzerland. After a measurement period of 17 months, the campaign came to a successful conclusion in spring 2017 and the mast was removed. During the measurement, bat levels were also recorded, with bat recording boxes attached to the mast. The measurement allowed a well-founded and reliable statement to be made regarding the wind frequency at the location. This is the basis for the profitability calculation and further project development.

Expertise involved

Wind power


Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ)

Our services

Planning of the measurement campaign (according to the international specifications IEC and FWG) based on prior measurement concept. Obtaining quotes for excavation and foundations. Building and FOCA permits. Coordination and monitoring of the erection of the met mast. Guideline-compliant installation of the data logger and data transmission. Configuration and installation of the autonomous electricity supply with photovoltaics. Commissioning of the measurement system (including with heated sensors) and regular checks. Mounting systems for the bat recording boxes. Operation and maintenance of measurements with regular data readouts and checking. Guideline-compliant installation log and wind surveys. Management of the disassembly work and removal.

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