Wind potential studies for different cantons

Project overview

Global warming and the replacement of nuclear energy calls for new energy solutions. Renewable energy such as wind power should be promoted. To prepare the political framework for this, the confederation recommends that the cantons handle wind power in the cantonal structure plan and commission their own investigations. The cantons are thus assigned a central role in the promotion of wind power.
A wind potential study forms the basis for anchoring potential wind power sites in the cantonal structure plan. This is an important prerequisite for promoting wind power in a manner that is targeted and in line with other interests and preventing unwanted spatial planning project developments.

Expertise involved

Wind power


Various cantons

Our services

Work in advisory groups. Support with communication. Events with authorities/information events for citizens. Land area analysis. Modelling of wind resources, wind chart and wind measurements. Identification of potential wind areas. Feasibility and evaluation of potential locations. Estimation of the energy potential.

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