Zurich South motorway triangle: Sihl bridges

Project overview

The bridges are located above the Allmend Brunau recreational area in the city of Zurich, and link the A3 motorway from Zurich and from Chur with the new Uetliberg tunnel. The twin bridges are direction-specific, both comprising two traffic lanes and a hard shoulder. Key dimensions: 1,400 metres bridge length, span widths of up to 50 metres, column heights of up to 12 metres. Longitudinal construction: prestressed curved and haunched-girder concrete bridges; transverse construction: box profiles with cantilever plates, parapets and noise barriers.

Expertise involved

Bridges , Roads and highways


Office of Civil Engineering, Building Department, canton of Zurich

Our services

Implementation of high standards of design. Preparation of preliminary project and construction project, invitation to tender and construction documents, site management. Execution without interruption of motorway traffic. Execution of construction above river, railway line and cantonal road.

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